I grew up in a home where my parents would let me and my brothers have every opportunity to enjoy sports and the outdoors. Which is most likely why one of my favourite spare time activities today is ocean kayaking. It culiminated in me kayaking solo the entire Norwegian coast from Sweden to the Russian border.

Struggeling to land my kayak on a rough shore at 72° north during my solo paddle of the entire 2000 mile coast of Norway from Sweden to the Russian border.

As a teenager I spent two years together with students from some eighty nations at United World Colleges in Wales, experiencing firsthand how truly similar people are, despite cultural differences. Later, after obtaining an MBA degree, I got my dream job as product manager with a leading Norwegian consumer brands company. I had (or thought I had) everything I ever wanted. But I nevertheless felt that a piece was missing.

That turned out to be the beginning of a life long path towards finding the answers to my niggling question of  ‘Is this all there is? and ‘What now?’, including spending six months in a meditation center in India, sitting on top of an Egyptian pyramid alone at midnight (I had bribed one of the night guards), completing an extensive psychoterapist training in Germany, and studying with healers and psychics in California.


I have spent more than 30 years and 100’s of thousands of dollars developing and refining my skills as a coach. This means I have done the hard work of discovering what works and what doesn’t when it comes to succeeding and living a happy, meaningful life. And I can share with you the most up to date tools, techniques and technologies in areas like productivity, success principles, stress management, personal development, meditation, and not least taking care of and optimising the performance of your body and your brain.

My coaching style is flexible and intuitive and sharply focussed on what you, the client, want and need. Each coaching conversation is unique and created in the moment. I’m also happy to have you run something by me on short notice between our sheduled consultations.

I love assisting people in becoming all that they can be. Consequently, as your coach I will do everything in my power to support your growth and your success.



Jan holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is a graduate of the leadership program at IMD, Lausanne.
He is an Graduate Coach, a NLP Master Practitioner and holds a Certificate in Applied Nuroscience, all from International Teaching Seminars (ITS), London.
Jan is also a trained psychotherapist, esoteric science practitioner, high performance coach and course instructor of meditation.


Here’s how you can work with Jan: