• How to have sufficient clarity to make the right priorities at all times?
  • How to avoid the negative impact constant distractions and interruptions have upon your time?
  • How to handle the never-ending demands at work, while also taking care of the important needs of your private life?

Consultations with Jan Lorentzen are designed to provide an immediate and sustained increase in your levels of clarity, productivity and personal energy, so that you can reach optimal performance, not to be confused with peak performance which is not sustainable long term and leads to burnout.



CLARITY—Gain a Sharper Focus and Full Overview

  • Clearly see your next step.
  • Make better, more successful decisions.
  • Find new, innovative solutions that you haven’t even thought of before.

PRODUCTIVITY—Accomplish More

  • Get more done in shorter time
  • Effectively handle distractions and interruptions
  • Cut hours off your work week every single week. 

PERSONAL ENERGY—Work With Inspiration and Enthusiasm

  • Avoid feeling unfocused, tired or plain stressed out.
  • Work in a relaxed, inspired and enthusiastic way.
  • Enjoy feeling vibrant and alive every single day. 


Everyone needs a coach. We all need people who give us feedback. That's how we improve.

–Bill Gates


-Managers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Artists, Investors, Real Estate Developers, Chiropractors, Financial Advisors, Dentists, Politicians, Attorneys…


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  • Time efficient, because it requires very little time. 25-30 minues every second week is enough. You can expect to save this manyfold by becoming more focused and effective, and making better priorities.  
  • Explore what is fundmantally important vs. merely urgent.
  • An independent third peron who can challenge you and at the same time support you.
  • Fleksibiliy to fit a busy schedule.
  • Cost effective, because the investment can be expected to repay itself manyfold and improve the bottom line.


We want you to feel confident that the consultations you receive are to your full satisfaction. In the unlikely event that they are not what you expected you may notify us within 30 days of the first consultation and we will refund your payment.

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